Trym U. Stensvold

Welcome to my portfolio site.


A project in Unreal Engine 5

Underscoped is a game I developed with Some Dudes Studio in Unreal Engine 5 Post-Mortem Highlights Scripting in Blueprints: My primary responsibility was scripting in blueprints, focusing on the task system, a critical component in our game. Due to the tight time frame, I dedicated a significant portion of the project to refining this system. I was responsible for version control. Leveraging my prior experience with managing Git and problem-solving, I assisted the team in navigating version control challenges. [Read More]

Lost Sanctity

A 2D game project I worked on in a team of 6. Where you explore a 2D semi-non-euclidian dungeon and fight monsters all the way to the boss.

What I Did In the Lost Sanctity project, I assumed the primary role in programming, leading the implementation of various aspects. My contributions extended to creating and animating a lively slime, along with programming its behavior. I also crafted portions of the tower tile set, adding the finishing touches to the dungeon’s top part. Additionally, I initiated the development of our first weapons, including the sword, torch, and club. Taking charge of Git, I managed merges and conflicts effectively. [Read More]